EDGE9 (5-Oct-2014) - Flight Summary

The second flight of our new sensor for the BEACON Project (the EFM payload), another flight for our NIR HD camera, and a 4th-grade science fair project were all on this flight.  The importance of wearing blaze orange safety gear in the field was reinforced: turns out this was the first day of antelope season in Colorado, and we definitely landed in an active hunting ground.  Anything to recover the payloads, right?  Preferably not live fire exercises...

Power-on Time:  8:30AM       Balloon:  Hwoyee 1600
Launch Time:  8:45AM   Total Weight:  10.5
Burst Time:  10:18AM   Total Lift (neck):  14.25
Landing Time:  10:53AM   Max Altitude:  105,461 ft
Recovery Time:  11:58AM   Distance:  43.89 mi

The following video was produced entirely from footage captured during the EDGE9 mission.  Enjoy!