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The mission of Edge Research Lab is to expand humanity's knowledge of the physical world, encourage enthusiasm in STEM education, and practice efficient research through the novel application of existing technology where possible and the development of new technology where necessary.

EDGE Research Laboratory Teams with South Jeffco Robotics

Right after the quarterfinals...

The directors and members of EDGE Research Laboratory are excited to announce that we are sponsoring FIRST® Team 1799: South Jeffco Robotics @ Dakota Ridge! This talented team of approximately 30 students competed in the Colorado Regional April 4-6, was invited to the quarterfinals, and eliminated by only three points.  It was a fantastic experience for everyone involved, and the EDGE team was there in person (and cheering the team on virtually, as well).


Now that they've completed the competition, the team will be working on high-altitude payloads for our flight scheduled for the middle of May (dates to be announced). The robotics payloads that they are designing for the flight are impressive, and the EDGE team is thrilled to be working with such a great group of motivated students and mentors.

EDGE4 - Success!

EDGE4 was a fantastic success, allowing for thorough testing of an exciting new telemetry radio module, the RFD900 from RFDesign in Australia.  The results were very impressive!  Thanks to RFDesign for providing the radios for us to evaluate.  Additionally, our thanks go out to HackHD for their continued support of our imaging work - they enabled us to take a crack at 360x180 degree video coverage!  Also, our airborne chase team integration took a huge step forward with the use of a new aircraft.  All the details can be found in our EDGE4 Summary.  A special thanks to both of the flight sponsors for EDGE4:


The ArduSat payload after its flight to 85,000'

The EDGE team successfully launched and recovered the ArduSat prototype payload on October 27th.  For all of the details, including a fantastic flight video, check out the EDGE3 Mission Summary page.  We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Jeroen and the rest of the ArduSat team, and look forward to more collaboration with them in the future.  Additionally, a team from Sparkfun Electronics joined us and launched their own payload - and reached 130,000' before coming back down!