EDGE5+6 (18-May-2013)

Two flights in the same day - using the same balloon!  When our float valve malfunctioned, we recovered the balloon, pulled the valve, topped off the balloon with some extra lift gas, and re-launched.  Best of all, our airborne team had the balloon in sight the whole way.


Power-on Time: 09:00 AM       Balloon: 1600g Hwoyee
Launch Time: 09:34 AM   Total Weight: 7.5 lbs
Burst Time: n/a   Total Lift (neck): 13 lbs
Landing Time: 09:52 AM   Max Altitude: 14,906 feet
Recovery Time: 09:56 AM   Distance: 2 miles


Power-on Time: n/a       Balloon: 1600g Hwoyee
Launch Time: 10:28 AM   Total Weight: 7 lbs
Burst Time: 11:58 PM   Total Lift (neck): 11.5 lbs
Landing Time: 12:34 AM   Max Altitude: 102,500 feet
Recovery Time: 12:50 PM   Distance: 36 miles