EDGE 3 (27-Oct-2012) Launch Summary

Flight Stats

Power-on Time: 09:20 AM       Balloon: 1600g Hwoyee
Launch Time: 10:00 AM   Total Weight: 9.5 lbs
Burst Time: 10:56 AM   Total Lift (neck): 12.5 lbs
Landing Time: 11:33 AM   Max Altitude: 85,000 feet
Recovery Time: 01:45 PM   Distance: 80 miles

Payload (and other) Details

The primary purpose of the EDGE 3 flight was to provide access to near space for the ArduSat prototype, a cutting-edge cubesat concept that could revolutionize access to space exploration by making it affordable for individuals.  The good news is that the ArduSat Payload worked great.  More information from the NanoSatisfi team will be linked up here as it becomes available.

We were also joined by a Sparkfun Electronics team for a dual launch - two balloons from the same location, and the results were spectacular!

Because we were flying for NanoSatisfi, the amount of new science on this launch (from EDGE) was pretty minimal, but we flew the most comprehensive imaging payload that we have to date, and the results are pretty cool.  Check out the details below: