EDGE10 (3-May-2014) - Flight Summary

After three failed attempts to fly a commissioned payload for our customer, we finally managed to avoid losing the balloon or running into trees at launch, and achieved a successful flight of a diamond ring to 103,000+ feet.  In the process, our flight control system has gotten progressively stronger, our payload design approaches have become more streamlined, and we've learned about the limits of LiPoly batteries (it turns out that they don't like -80C).  Successful demonstration of our satellite communications system and fantastic performance of our landing prediction engine are additional highlights from this flight; nothing makes you better than a little bit of failure.

Power-on Time:  7:30AM       Balloon:  Hwoyee 1600
Launch Time:  8:30AM   Total Weight:  6 lbs
Burst Time:  10:05AM   Total Lift (neck):  8.5 lbs
Landing Time:  10:57AM   Max Altitude:  103,410 ft
Recovery Time:  11:18AM   Distance:  30.39 mi