EDGE4 (16-Feb-2013) Launch Summary

Power-on Time: 08:40 AM       Balloon: 1600g Hwoyee
Launch Time: 08:55 AM   Total Weight: 5 lbs
Burst Time: 01:02 PM   Total Lift (neck): 6.5 lbs
Landing Time: 01:45 AM   Max Altitude: 106,504 feet
Recovery Time: 01:50 PM   Distance: 165 miles

Payload (and other) Details

This flight featured two payloads important to the underlying architecture of our primary research focus (BEACON).  RF Design provided a pair of their new 900MHz ISM-band radios, the RFD900 for a head-to-head comparison with the Digi 9xTend radios that we've relied on for years.  Additionally, HackHD sponsored a shperical video payload - 6 HD video cameras arranged to provide 360x180 degree video coverage.  All the details are below...

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