While it was incorporated in October of 2011, the staff and volunteers of Edge Research Laboratory have been working together for years, driven by a shared enthusiasm for science and technology, efficient research, and educational improvement. Including members with backgrounds in Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Education, Communications, Art, and Finance, the lab has the expertise necessary to handle projects with a wide array of scope, from a one-off implementation project to a large-scale extended research project.


In addition to their various backgrounds, members have experience working within the guidelines for state- and federally-funded research grants, with projects funded by Indiana Space Grant Consortium, the Lilly Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy on several resumes within the organization, in addition to university faculty positions, professional systems engineering, and independent consulting. Through these experiences, the passion for well-founded, efficient research and engaging education has grown - to the point that the team decided that it was time to implement an infrastructure that would allow for an even greater impact to be realized; with some help, lots of reading, and even more paperwork, Edge Research Lab was born.


Moving forward, the members of the lab are poised to make significant contributions to the current understanding of environmental and atmospheric science on an international level, while not losing sight of the fact that the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, artists, teachers, and engineers must never be allowed to lose the sense of wonder that drives innovation and discovery.